Ladies beach flag madness #huntingtonbeach regionals2015 #gostate
Ready set go! Ben Brantel at the 2015 regionals comp in Huntington Beach.
Alex Higgy and Lang Crisa did an awesome job at the 2015 regionals in HB last week. Good job ladies!
Patriot day was a great day! Hope everyone has a happy and safe #fourthofjuly #califorina #scstatejgs
The first few days of session 1 have been epic, and believe it or not we found a baby tarantula on the beach today. #scstatejg #california #earnyoursalt #staysalty #workhardplayharder
The Youth Aids are all trained up and eager to start session one tomorrow morning! #summer #california #scstatejgs #firstaid #earnyoursalt
Tuna crabs (resembling a lobster) have been washing up during high tides. These creatures are a favorite food source for tunas and can be an indicator of an El NiƱo year.
Aloha! Today we added a second equipment bin to #JGs. A second bin means more equipment, and more equipment means more fun. See ya on the sand! #summer #JGs #california #workhardplayharder
#tbt to past summers. This is @_samiamstagram and @audreythellman, who are now stellar lifeguards.
Jr. Lifeguards, or devolved prehistoric beasts from the sea? #statejgs #summer California #workhardplayharder #mudpit
Monster rip-current pulling at @sc_state_jr._guards beach last Sunday. This southern-hemi made for some pretty epic conditions. Do you think you could get out of this rip?
New equipment from INT for summer 2015. These boards are made in America and surf like a dream.
Stop on by the #Imagineology event today at the OC Fairgrounds. We are educating people about rip currents and spinal cord injuries with #projectwipeout and Hoag Hospital.
Southern California sea lions have been washing up dead or very ill along the coast in recent weeks due to a warm water current that has pushed their food miles off shore. This crisis has overwhelmed the Pacific Marine Mammal organization with over 2,500 sick sea lions in the past month. If you encounter a seal it is very important to stay at least 25feet away, and do not feed or wet the wild animal. Report immediately to Pacific Marine Mammal at 949.494.3050. #californiasealion
At Jr. Guards we work hard, but always play harder. The last day of a session always ends with the traditional mud pit, de-evolution story, and scarring all the state park visitors at Tower 1. #jrguards #gostate #california
We recently had the chance to test some new possible equipment for summer 2015 and were we ever stoked with the #makai paddle-board performance. We want to know what you think before we put these guys into use. Simply based from aesthetics...comment #scstatejr.guards #jr.guards thanks @dohojg
Good morning! The surf is small but it's going to be a beautiful weekend. Make sure to get out there today and get wet.
The classic lifeguard competition/game of beach flags tests ones explosiveness, speed, and ability to make quick decisions. Makena Duty knows the feeling.
The Iron Man is a test of stamina and mental toughness. We work hard all summer long to complete this grueling and rewarding task.
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